52 Ancestors Week 8 – ‘Heirloom’

The first heirlooms is from my uncle which is my mom’s brother, Carroll Leonard. Here is his heirlooms:Picture011411-1 015100_3568

Now the next ones are My granddad’s my mom’s dad. His name is Summers Lyle Leonard Sr. Here are the pictures of his heirloom:

Picture011411-1 015100_3503100_3438100_26641c7bff57-09a9-475a-9e8b-09cc1d7e1a21

Next ones are my grandmother’s which is my mother mom. Her name is Myra Belle Leonard her last name was the same as my granddad’s my mother’s name they were first cousins who married each other.


My granddad was a policeman of Johnson City, Tennessee and he worked on security duty for the schools in Johnson City, Tennessee especially Training school where my mom was a student from kindergarten to graduated from High School and that is where she met my dad when he was student teacher getting his degree in teaching from ETSU. Their love was first true love. They married March 15, 1957 after he was in the army for a year and she went for the freshman year before they married.

Also this his police badge that he gave to me for safe keeping before he died.