52 Ancestors Week 4 – Invite to Dinner

To do my invite to Dinner would require a large table because it would be my mother’s mother which is my grandmother she died when I was 2 years old and I hear that she has a lot of information on my notables that I do not know how to connect to the Leonards which are President Andrew Johnson and David Crockett who fought at the Alamo. Then there is my dad’s mother who died before I got to know her she was very young when my granddad find her on the floor dead one morning. I do not have a lot of information on her family at all. Then there is my dad’s grandparents, His granddad I don’t have a lot also on in him and his family. But I do his wife and it is very interesting. Her mother was not married to her dad and she had siblings that he was also their father. He was already married and had kids from that wife so he couldn’t marry her mother. That is my dad’s grandfather Herbert Barnett  and his wife Bessie Jane Honeycutt  and This is my dad’s mother Mildred Hester Jones. This is my mother’s mother my grandmother Myra Belle Clementine Leonard she was my granddad’s first cousin and they married each other.  They would help me with my brickwalls. Plus my grandmother of my mother seems to have a lot of information that would be helpful for me for information on the Leonards side.

So will be I might need 2 one for my dad’s side and 1 for my mother’s side I also might need a month of dinners.