52 Ancestors Week Three – Longevity

I will use my granddaddy on my dad’s side Roosevelt Jason Barnett. He turned 91 in a nursing home and then in a week he died. When he first married a wife he didn’t really want to marry her, it was her sister so when his first wife had gotten sick and was having problems with her heart that one night she got up from bed and he knew she wasn’t feeling good then so when she passed out he didn’t get up and check on her and let her die on their kitchen floor. He didn’t get to marry her sister before he married her because she was already married but when his wife died and her sister husband died then he didn’t wait till about maybe 3 to 6 months before he married her sister the one he wanted to marry before her. So my grandmother sister was my aunt and then she became my step grandmother but we and his brother family couldn’t call her step grandmother just aunt because of their father didn’t wait enough time to marry her. She had gotten cancer and died before he did and they promised if either one got where they needed to be put in a nursing home they wouldn’t they will stay at home but he ended up putting her in the nursing home when he couldn’t no longer take care of her by himself. Then we had to put him in the nursing home when we find out he had brain cancer and couldn’t look out for himself and that was where he was when he died. His name is Roosevelt Jason Barnett. I think his middle name was after his grandfather.

Also my parents has been married as of March 15, 2018 61 years. My brother as of December 14, 2018 will be 61 years old. What is weird about this is that my mom’s oldest sister Ellen Sapp married in the same year and her youngest brother Carroll Leonard married in the same year also but her brother Carroll, and her sister is dead before they made to the 60th anniversary only my dad and mother out of her immediate family made to their 61st anniversary. My dad is 6 years older than my mother. He is 85 going on 86 in July and my mother this past October turned 79 years old and what is weird is her youngest brother married her best friend from her class in high school and her birthday is in October before my mom and was born in the same year. Also my dad’s brother wife was born in the same month and year also. How my mom and dad met when my dad was Student Teacher trying to get a degree in college and my dad couldn’t resist my mothers fluttery brown eyes and by the time she graduated from high school they were engaged. But my mom’s dad wouldn’t let her date him because he thought he was one of the other brother of my dad’s that had a bad reputation but finally he find out that my dad was a descent person and would let her see him. But she had to wait till he got out of the Army before they got married March 15, 1957. Their names are Deanna Leonard Barnett and Robert Eugene Barnett.

Also there is myself because of people who has Prader Willi Syndrome they in the past would die when they got to 7 years old and 12 years old. But now there are very few that is in their 50’s and 60’s and I am one of them. I am 58 years old and this year on September 19th I will be 59 years old.

Then on my mom’s side of the family there is a relative that her name is Paulina Edna Schreiner that lived to be 94 years old.