52 Ancestors Week Two – Favorite Photo

:  The picture is on it. There is Andrew and Amanda Fine Leonard, Benjamin Leonard, William H and Lydia Leonard Henson , Catherine Jane Hays and Elcanah Martin (Cain) Leonard, Susan Cornelia Leonard, Hester Leonard, Nellie Leonard, Charles E. Leonard, John W. Leonard, Juanita (Nete) Henson, Isadora Henson, Jessie Maude Leonard. My mom has the original and her sister which is dead scanned it in to her tree and made a Leonard Family book for all the women and children of the Leonards. She even made me one to have. The title is Elcanah and Catherine Jane Hays Leonard family in front of someone house. You will see that the family is a big one. There is some in this we do not know or recognize. I think this was a family gathering and decided to have a family photo taking in front of their house.