The Journey Begins

9f2e10ea-ed66-4a53-951f-e5b85ff95a8bThanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

I am doing this for 52 Ancestors for the year of 2o18. I wanted to blog on my ancestors of Barnett and Leonard and any ancestors that are linked to them. The Barnett is my father surname his name is Robert Eugene Barnett and Leonard is my mother surname and her name is Deanna Vivian Leonard. I am very interesting in connecting President Andrew Johnson and David Crockett who fought at the Alamo to the Leonard. Plus I very interested on finding out about my father’s dad’s side of the Barnett and also his mother’s side also. I do not have much about them except I do have a lot on my dad’s grandmother Bessie Jane Honeycutt.

This is a picture of The Leonard’s  Family reunion that we have every 20 years the last one we had was in 2013 so the next one should be in 2033. The one we had in 2013 was at my cousin David Sapp house in Knoxville, Tennessee. But the one that we had where this picture was made was in 1993 in Powell, Tennessee. This is what kids that was left of John Williams Leonard and Laura Rominger family. From the left they are Ruby Williams, Opal Leonard, Neal Leonard, Elizabeth Leonard and her husband John Leonard. They are all dead now.